How to Choose a Private Caregiver for Yourself or a Loved One

Avatar Maggie Clapperton
30 Jul 2020

Finding the best home care for yourself or your loved one can be a daunting task. There are many different caregivers out there who can help, but how do you choose the one who will provide exactly what you need?

At Homecare Hub, we are experts in researching and vetting quality home care agencies. Here are a few things we consider when finding private caregivers to suit your needs.     

Caregiving Expertise

Who will be your main point of contact when you receive care? Do they genuinely care, and do they have the depth of knowledge and capability to create a personalized care plan for patients? If there is an emergency or decline in function of you or your loved one, do you trust them to make the best choices regarding care decisions? How do the agencies select caregivers who will be taking care of you? Do they provide extra education to help their caregivers continue to learn?

Reliability and Continuity of Care

Developing a system to provide care from the same providers is a more complicated process than meets the eye. How reliable are they? How is the agency’s track record of showing up on time? Having continuity of care with caregivers is important, and how well is the agency able to assure this? What hours is the agency available?

Client Reviews

Client reviews are an important element in choosing home care. Reviews can be found online or from friends who have dealt with similar care services. We always ask around and scour the web to unearth reviews on different caregiver agencies before we list them on our website.

References, Credentials, Privacy

References and credentials are key in choosing a caregiver or home care agency. Top home care workers and agencies will not hesitate to provide you with these documents. Be sure vulnerable sector screening is completed for caregivers. At Homecare Hub we assure agencies listed on our website do this. And of course, health data security and privacy is important so be sure the agency you work with follows PHIPA (Canada) and HIPAA (USA) privacy standards.

Philosophy of Care

While quality agencies go to great lengths to vet their staff, finding someone who relates well to your loved one will be a unique challenge for every family. Speaking with people who are currently using specific home care services is a great way to find out if the nurses or Personal Support Workers (PSW) they have chosen would be a good fit for you and your loved one.

Each agency has a unique philosophy of care which will attract staff with particular backgrounds and personality types. Depending on the personality and needs of your loved one, various cultures of care will be appropriate. For example, what are your loved one’s expectations? Are their needs primarily medical or social? Would they benefit from service in a particular language or from a particular community? While we prefer a level of holistic wellness in our partner agencies, Homecare Hub onboards a diverse set of services so that we ensure flexibility in meeting your family members’ needs.  

COVID Safety

A new and important aspect to consider when choosing home care is the COVID-19 safety measures put in place within a given agency. A quality agency will have these policies listed front and centre on their website. For example, are they providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their staff such as masks, gloves, and sanitizer? What protocols do they have in place for staff inside and outside of working hours? Are they incentivizing staff to stay home if they are unwell? What measures are in place to replace these workers with minimal disruption to your loved one’s care? It is an anxious time for everyone, but particularly for older adults and those who care for them. We do not hesitate to ask hard questions and neither should you. We also help home care agencies procure PPE if needed.


While patient care is most important, cost is naturally a factor in the decision making process. Most of the time home care agencies don’t list their pricing on their website. At Homecare Hub, we have an estimated pricing required on our website for home care agencies.

Homecare Hub connects you to a full suite of Reliable, COVID Safe, Accredited, and Affordable home care services in your area. We have curated our site to only list vetted, top quality agencies with transparent pricing for you or your loved ones. 

We strive to support our clients in maintaining their independence and dignity by simplifying the process of finding the best home care near you. Find your top local agencies at or call 1-888-227-3080 to talk through your situation and see how Homecare Hub can help. We offer complimentary community care navigation to help point you in the right direction. 

Maggie Clapperton is a social worker and content creator at Homecare Hub.