Homecare Hub Launches Campaign to Shift Society’s Views on Aging

Avatar Homecare Hub
1 Mar 2021

[TorontoOntario, March 1st, 2021]: Homecare Hub, a leader in home care and long-term care solutions, announced the launch of their #OlderNotInvisible campaign todayThe campaign asks individuals to share stories of inspiring older adults on social media using the hashtag #OlderNotInvisibleThis initiative supports Homecare Hub’s mission to improve the quality of life for older adults. 


“Many of my patients feel that their age has affected the way that they are treated — in the health care system, in the media, and even by their family. This bias is reflective of the social discourse rendering older adults invisible. This needs to change.”  

- Dr. Vipan Nikore, Co-Founder and CEO of Homecare Hub 


Dr. Nikore continues by saying, “We’re launching the Older Not Invisible campaign because we believe that people of all ages are important and deserve to live meaningful lives. Older adults, in particular, have a wealth of wisdom to share.” Through its actions, Homecare Hub is clear in its stance: older adults have, and continue to, contribute in quite amazing ways, and these contributions shouldn’t be in the shadows. With the Older Not Invisible campaign, the company is reimaging the place of older adults in society and changing the narrative about aging. 


In a show of support, Victor Oliveira, owner and operator of home care agency, In Our Care, added that, “The Older Not Invisible campaign speaks to a deep-rooted issue in society. Older adults have been ignored for too long, and Homecare Hub is well-positioned to address this issue. At In Our Care, we look forward to supporting this movement and making a difference in the lives of older adults.” 


This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:  

- Launch of Homecare Hub’s homecare marketplace with transparent pricing and vetted agencies  

- Launch of an innovative ShareCare platform, a safe alternative to long-term care centres and adult-day programs that lowers homecare costs for seniors 

- Launch of a Senior Chat Line to help tackle social isolation amongst seniors 

- Staffed 20 nursing home facilities with COVID-19 outbreaks 


To learn more about Older Not Invisible, visit www.homecarehub.com/older-not-invisible.  

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