7 Benefits of Home Care Services for Older Adults

Avatar Maggie Clapperton
23 Jul 2020

Have you thought about home care services for the seniors in your life? Home care services can be an excellent way for your loved one to get the supervision, care, and social interaction they need while you get the time to work or meet other family obligations. 

Home care services can do a lot of good both for you and for your family. If you are on the fence about how to best support your elderly loved one, consider these seven benefits of home care:

1. Improved Mental Health 

One of the aspects that older people experience most when they age or get sick is a sense of depression, loneliness, neglect, and isolation. Spending days alone, waiting for relatives or friends to stop by may become hopeless, leaving the loved one at risk of experiencing depression or even mortality. Engaging your loved one with home care services will bring a sense of meaning to their life and give them a reason to wake up every day.

2. Safety and Peace of Mind 

In-home care provides a level of supervision that keeps your loved one safe while providing you necessary peace of mind. Many people can live longer in their own homes because they have periods of care. Living alone 24 hours a day makes accidents or sickness at home more likely. 

3. Nutrition 

Home care services help your loved one maintain proper nutrition. Many elders end up avoiding nutritious meals for a number of reasons. Maybe they don't want to eat alone or don't desire to make a full meal just for themselves. Often, they don't feel confident using the stove or cooking with heavy pots and pans anymore. When caregivers attend to your loved one, you can rest assured that they are getting nutritious meals each day.

4. Respite

It is normal to feel guilty for needing time for yourself, but the truth is that it is often unsustainable for you to single-handedly help your ageing loved one, particularly if you have a career or a family of your own at home that needs you. By acquiring the support that you need, you will come back to your loved one refreshed, patient, and energetic. You can’t fill from an empty cup. 

5. Balance

Home care services will allow you the freedom to balance your various responsibilities with your caregiving duties. You will be able to work, take care of your kids, run errands, etc. without having to wonder whether or not your older loved one is okay. 

6. Mental and Social Stimulation 

Older adults need mental and social stimulation just like the rest of us, and frequently, they don't get enough. Activities, trips, crafts, and simply being around other people can benefit your loved one by exercising their mental muscles so that they stay sharp and alert for longer. 

7. Comfort

Many seniors are resistant to leaving their homes, and for good reason! Staying at home for as long as possible provides a level of comfort and familiarity that cannot be replicated in a retirement home or institution. Home care is a loving and empathetic way to support your loved one in their desire to stay at home while ensuring they receive the help they need.

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Maggie Clapperton is a social worker and content creator at Homecare Hub.